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Monday, December 5th, 2011

The iconic front-man of the Doors was know to play on the psychology of crowds and wrote lyrics that featured prophetic visions. In this painting Jim is crowned with a coral and king snake, one poisonous and one harmless… The interplay is between fear and foolishness, apprehension and foresight.

Jimmy - Acrylic on canvas - Peter Demaria ©2011

I considered taking this one step further and giving Jim a tennis-sweatband.. Or depicting him cross-eyed and mystified. But the truth is I like him. His music played a positive role in the tumult that was my adolescence.

Though the persona he created can seem out of place in the 21st century (quirky and even trite), there should always be a place for champions of free thought and individuality. And there is no doubt that his was the road less traveled.

As Daniel Nester puts it:

“.. I have stopped worrying whether James Douglas Morrison—The Last Holy Fool, Sex God, Black Priest of the Great Society—can join the tenuous tribe of poets. He’s been showing up for the meetings for so long now, there’s no sense in throwing him out.”

Read Daniel Nester’s article in full here, at the

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New Painting…

Friday, June 4th, 2010

I had the great fortune of being able to paint on commission a little something for some friends lately, and got carte-blanche on the final product.. Something I don’t always think to do when I’m painting is take process pictures, but this time around I had a little foresight. Very little was preconceived, in drawing or otherwise, though I had the idea at first that I wanted to paint a thick stand of trees.

'Night-time picnic', process ©2010 Peter Demaria, ETA

'Night-time picnic', process ©2010 Peter Demaria, ETA

Night-Time Picnic, Acrylic on Panel ©2010 Peter Demaria, ETA

Having established my stand of trees (not quite as thick a stand as I might have liked, but they fit the space well) I needed some sort of central focus… Cats are always fun, and then there is some sort of pretext needed, and what always ties in is people. And I love the idea of nature not being scary. So in the end we have a sort of semi-sultry domestic scene, a quick meal cooked after dark by the light of a small gas burner and a little moonlight.

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