“RICH, Inside & Out” Book Cover Concept

Recently there was a design contest posted on globalgrind.com by icon Russel Simmons. The call for entries was to produce a book cover for his upcoming book “Rich Inside and Out, A Guide to Money and Happiness”. Two Images were provided as reference and some of the entries were posted as guidance.

I was up for the challenge, I love a well designed book cover, not to mention great illustration (though none was involved in this instance, and maybe there should have been… hmm). Now there has been, in the profession of Graphic Design, great disdain for contests and speculative work (i.e. work without a guarantee of compensation). And sadly I can no longer can fall back on student status as an excuse for taking part. The AIGA (Professional Association for Design) even has an official position on such work (namely, that it is a big huge no-no, and devalues all Design). But at this point in my  life, I take what I can get, so if my time can be spent designing something at least potentially ‘real’, then so be it.  Below is my entry…

Rich! Book Cover Concept

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